Asmi Chela: soundhealer, spiritual therapist, author

Soundhealing different: Sound and energy

That sounds can do a lot for people has been known for centuries. Sound is vibration, and as a human being consists of more than 70% water, the body resonates to this vibration. But it is more than that.
Our psyche and emotions also respond to sounds. Some are experienced as pleasant and relaxing, others as very penetrating and disengaging. Whatever you feel is exactly what you need.
Asmi Chela works entirely intuitively with, among other things, singing bowls, tingshas, koshi, dreampan, Indian flute, ocean drum and gong, supplemented by intuitive singing.

What makes these sessions extra special is that ABC Light instruments are also used to help the energy flow even better.

Sessions can be held individually or in groups.
Group sessions are also available on location.
For more info: [email protected]

Spiritual therapy,

It is normal for people to regularly suffer from emotional experiences, which can even take you completely out of balance. By applying the ABC Light instruments during an energetic healing, your energy flow can become more balanced again. This can be done either through an ABC massage, or through ABC aura healing, as well as at a distance through Skype or Whatsapp video calling. Certain points are also highlighted from the perspective of cosmosophy, helping to gain more clarity in the processes.

For appointments: [email protected]

Spiritual therapy,
intuitive painting

In small groups (4-6 people) you can learn more about yourself and your processes through intuitive painting.

Painting or drawing experience is absolutely not necessary. Afterwards, the paintings will be explained. By taking this message home together with your painting, it remains tangible and can have long after-effects.

In Idar-Oberstein, but can also be planned on location.
E-Mail: [email protected]


The books are written from the inspiration of the moment. Each book is different, so they can also be read separately. They are written from a growing understanding based on cosmosophy.

Currently, the focus is slightly more on the children's books, making it a little easier for children to understand themselves. Several adults will also recognise themselves in them.

The books (at this moment only in Dutch and in German) are available through various distributors and at trade fairs, and of course through our webshop.

It is our wish to translate them in English, too.

Contact Asmi Chela: [email protected]
Or at Facebook: Asmi Chela