Atman Buddhi Concentration

Connects your personal heart to the Divine Heart

What is Atman Buddhi Concentration?
Atman Buddhi Concentration (ABC) is a series of purple-coloured crystal glass products energised with a divine vibration. They can be used in all fields, and always have the purpose of supporting people in raising their consciousness, their vibration and thus their spiritual development.
Why Atman Buddhi Concentration?
To assist people, who are interested in a higher understanding, in their evolution, the ABC Light instruments came to earth through Hansananda in 2008. Evolution was, is and always will be. For those who wish to evolve consciously, the ABC products form a bridge between the Light World and humans, which enables them to grow far into conscious mastery.
ABC helps to focus on non-duality, on Oneness.
Thus, (unification with) "Our Being" is stimulated.

What can you do with ABC products?
The different sizes and shapes offer different application possibilities, including: 
- support of emotional (dissolution) processes 
- insight into higher forms of wisdom and acceptance 
- harmonising the energetic atmosphere 
- strengthening of all forms of energetic healing and internalisation 
- cleansing, charging and strengthening of gemstones/minerals 
- strengthening of all other light instruments 

N.B. By using different light sources, the products may discolour. Also, different products may be slightly different in colour. This is because they are produced manually and it does not detract from their function!

It recently emerged that of the latest shipment of 4 cm spheres, some of these may discolour over time. This is in contrast to all other (normal) spheres that are coloured inside and out. The manufacturer of the last shipment simply coated the spheres instead of colouring them completely. However, the last shipment of 4 cm spheres can be felt very well. Fortunately, the Light World has more than compensated the imperfect appearance with tremendous energy.

Would you like to feel and experience the ABC Light instruments? Feel free to visit our shop in Idar-Oberstein, or come to one of the fairs we are present at.

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