Cosmosophical Consultations or insightful healing talks 

He who overcomes another, has ego. He who overcomes himself, has self-knowledge. (Hansananda)

It is a pleasure to regularly talk about and gain insights into your own growth in consciousness. It is good to ask questions about this and be energetically flowed through at the same time.

It is okay to look beyond right and wrong. It is all right to evolve beyond this duality. 


Struggles with our lower self often cause us to doubt. To grow consciously, we often need to prune the ego for a while. We can prune more easily when we look together at the places where it is needed.
Pruning the lower self helps you to go more and more to the core, the core of your being. Where you are in connection with your higher self. In this way it becomes clearer and clearer for you who you really are.

Each consultation/insightful conversation is, inspired by the Light World, adapted to your state of being.
These take place via Skype or optional video calls via Whatsapp.

More information and appointments with Cor:
Tel. +49 (0)173 23 28 579