Cosmosophy books

Nothing is as it seems, and still everything is as it is.

Hansananda's Cosmosophy books have been published in Dutch by Aqua-Librium Publishers since 2007.
Paul, a publisher who did not want to publish the books, was unintentionally but divinely desired to get a leading role in this book series. Thus, he symbolises ordinary people, who can reject Divine inspiration and wisdom from human thinking, which is central to most people.
More conscious people learn to see through thinking, and learn to value divine understanding more than human misunderstanding.
Divine understanding goes far beyond human understanding.

In the Cosmosophy books, there are repeated references to Divine understanding, in order to learn to understand and accept human (lack of) understanding, and to see through earthly life.
Every human being grows in consciousness, consciously or unconsciously.

People who wish to examine themselves and their fellow humans consciously, and wish to reflect their humanity to higher views, can accelerate and make their growth process easier.
Every human being finally grows towards inner peace. The Cosmosophy books are a wonderful tool to start realising inner peace consciously right now.

At the moment, the books are only available in Dutch, but translations into English and German are already in preparation.