Fairs / Lectures / Personal contact

ABC and Cosmosophy "around the world"

Checking out a website is one thing, but sometimes you want a moment of personal contact. Asking questions, feeling and experiencing energy. 
There are various possibilities to do so.

All year round:

Information, feel, experience... Cosmosophy and ABC are always available in our shop "ABC wahre Esoterik" in
Idar-Oberstein. You will find us at Mainzer Strasse 41-43 (at the roundabout, opposite the "Edelstein-Börse").
Click here for opening hours

By appointment:

* ABC Experience evening/afternoon (approx. 2.5 hours)
* Lecture/Workshop ABC & Cosmosophy (half a day or full
  day, according to need and interest).
This can be at someone's home or in a practice, conference room, etc.
Please call us for more information: +49 173 2328 579.


17-19 March 2023: Eso-Team Fair Köln (D)

22-23 April 2023: Bergisch-Gladbach fair (D)

6-7 May 2023: Fair Merzig (D)

3-4 June 2023: Eso-Team Fair Frankfurt (D)