What is Cosmosophy?

Cosmosophy means as much as: the universal teachings of the universe. 
The All is love and wisdom together! 
The All is universal, the All is Light and Truth, and is therefore without judgement. The All has no preference for religious or non-religious people. 
The All has no ego, no personality. 
All is everything and nothing. 
That' s all. 

This vision is being spread more widely through the Cosmosophy books, workshops, Satsangs and the ABC Light instruments, so many people are developing the understanding of how to free themselves from their own prejudices. One looks with their own eyes, one hears with their own ears, one interprets the world of opinions with their own consciousness. So the world is as beautiful or as sick as your own judgement. 

If you use self-reflection in your daily life, it becomes easier to understand and accept yourself and other people. 
If you try to understand how the universe looks at us, you can understand that the development of love-wisdom applies not only to other people but also for ourselves. 

We are all human beings on our way to the same destination, consciously or unconsciously. 
So viewed this way, we all have the same karma: to develop awareness and understanding, 
so that our souls are purified and become one with the Light World; where True freedom, True peace and True compassion prevail.