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During a Cosmosophy workshop, Cor, together with the World of Light, takes you through a process in which consciousness expansion, enrichment and enlightenment of the soul are central.

The time has come when more and more people want to evolve consciously. They have already discovered, or would like to discover, their inner power. The more beautiful the heart, the more beautiful the human being. During the cosmosophy workshops, with the help of the Light World, we work on developing understanding and acceptance by relativising and reflecting on the mirrors of everyday life. In the process, we become aware of our lower self (say our lower ego) as well as our higher self. By dealing with this more consciously, we can learn to transcend our lower ego to become an even more beautiful human being.

There will also be time for Meditation and Universal Healing. Universal Healing is a pure form of healing in which one develops the power to open or balance specific chakras and thus learns to tune in to the World of Light. When we can attune well to the World of Light, we can handle things much easier in daily life. A healing, as well as getting inspiration, always depends on the connection with the Spiritworld. The more conscious one is, the better this connection becomes. So the lighter, the better.

Do you also want to become more conscious than you already are?
Do you know more people in your neighbourhood who are interested in this?
It is possible to organize a day workshop at someone's home, or we can do it online.
Please contact us for the possibilities.

More information and/or registration:
call or app to Cor van Keulen, Tel. +49 (0)173 23 28 579.
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